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Proofreading, editing, and translation

of scientific texts.

All our editors, proofreaders, and translators are scientists who are native English speakers.

Tel: (415) 655-1716
The only thing that should be evaluated is the quality of your work.

Your Comments

"Very professional and punctual. They are driven to do things right. We will be coming back and we recommend this service."

-Dr. Carlos O’Connor Reina, co-director of the ORL service in the Quiron hospital of Marbella and Campo de Gibraltar, Spain


"A great experience, the comments and corrections were always written from an optimistic point of view."

 -Miguel, Spain

"An excellent service. What they offer is exactly what they provide both in timeliness and quality. Very professional."

— Dr. Ulises Ezequiel Loskin, psychiatry, Argentina


"The work done by JustPublish was outstanding for many reasons. First, the quality and the clarity of the corrections: they make comments that improve the final version of the manuscript. Second, the work was done quickly and well within the time limits. Third, there was a fluid exchange of opinions about the corrections between the editor and myself."

— Dr. Daniel Ruiz Abánades,  Universidad Estadual de Campinas-SP, Brazil.


"JustPublish’s translation services are efficient, punctual, and flexible. They facilitate an open dialogue between the translator and the author to ensure that the text is appropriate for that  field of study. We all know that certain expressions are used more often in particular scientific fields.”

— Dr. Laura Quintanilla, psychology,  UNED,  Spain.


“The most attractive part of the editing service is the active communication and the post-submission corrections they offer during the fight with the referees.”

Juan, researcher, Madrid, Spain.


“JustPublish has translated and edited several of our group’s scientific articles. They always apply precise scientific English. They are in constant communication with the client to clarify and resolve whatever concerns you may have during the translation or correction process. Moreover, once the work is finished, the editor or translator revise and correct the text as many times as is required by the client. The work is completed within a week and is high quality.”

— Dr. Estrella Montero, researcher,  Centro Nacional de Microbiología, Spain.


“I was able to exchange information, opinions, and ideas with the editor. This facilitated the process of correction enormously.”

— Dr. Isidoro  Martínez,  researcher, Centro Nacional de Microbiología, Spain.


“A rapid, efficient, and professional service. Most importantly their translators take great care to find the perfect way to express everything. Their goal is to try convey exactly what the researcher has in mind and they pursue this goal until it is achieved. A real luxury and pleasure if you enjoy writing in English.”

— Dr. Marta Gimenez-Dasí, Univeridad de Valencia, Spain.


“The work done by JustPublish was more than satisfactory.  Well-done proofreading, rapid service, and direct communication with the editors. Highly recommended. "

— Dr. Daniel Pineda Tenor, Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada, Spain.

​“I’ve often worked with JustPublish. Great work. They always use the right scientific terminology for each field of study. The work is quickly completed. Any and  all concerns are easily resolved.”

— Dr. Fernando Usera, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, Spain.


“The text is edited using correct and practical English that is adapted to the needs of the researcher. The manuscript is ready exactly when promised. "

— Dr. Luisa Botella , researcher,  Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, Spain.


"My experience has been very positive. The best part was that the editor was an expert in molecular biology and biochemistry, which greatly improved the quality of the editing."

— Dr. Adela González de la Campa, researcher, Centro Nacional de

Microbiología, Spain.


“JustPublish edited a couple of my manuscripts and some of my abstracts for international conferences. I was very impressed with their sharp and prompt work.  In addition, due to their scientific background, the corrections did not alter the context of the sentences, a common deficiency of other translation services."

— Dr. Antonio Javier Martin, researcher, Centro Nacional de Microbiología, Spain.


"Rapid editing by an expert in molecular biology."

— Dr. Nieves Villanueva,  researcher, Centro Nacional de Microbiología, Spain.

“I especially appreciated the quality of the work and the ease with which I could communicate with the translator when I needed them to make a change. "

—  Laura , Madrid, Spain.

“The work was very well done.”

- Dr. Manuel Cuenca, director, Centro Nacional de Microbiología, Spain.




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