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Proofreading, editing, and translation

of scientific texts.

All our editors, proofreaders, and translators are scientists who are native English speakers.

Tel: (415) 655-1716
The only thing that should be evaluated is the quality of your work.
Contact us for more information about our services.

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100% quality guarantee.
guarantee the quality of translation proofreading rewrite

We are commited to continue editing your mansucript until you are completely satisfied with the quality and until the day it is published.


In addition, if a referee requires any changes in the manuscript for editorial or experimental reasons, you can count on our support at no extra charge.


In the case of scientific translations,  our service includes the translation of any text added to the manuscript as required by a referee. This service is also provided at no extra charge.


Our translators and proofreaders are both native English speakers and scientists.
professionals profread and translate medical and scientific documents

We will assign you an experienced translator or proofreader who is a native English speaking scientist and who has publications in the same field of research.


We translate or proofread your manuscript interactively
direct interaction translator proofreader edito

Our translators and proofreaders work in direct consultation with you and are always prepared to clarify any uncertainties.


Our goal is  to return a manuscript that not only is grammatically correct and well-structured, but also expresses precisely what you, the author, intended to say.


We also commit to making any and all changes necessary until that goal is reached.




Get 250 words of your manuscript translated or proofread for free.
translate proofread 250 words free of charge

Send your mansuscript to us and we will be happy to translate or proofread 250 word  at no charge.


This is so you can see the high quality of our work before deciding to retain our services.


Just mark the text you would like us to proofread or translate and we will send you the completed work within 24 hours.


If you then decide to have your manuscript corrected or translated by us, we will substract the 250 words from the total word count when calculating the final charge.




One of the most common errors in manuscripts is in English usage.


Poor English writing is cited as the most common errors in manuscripts submitted Vet Radiol Ultrasound. In addition, they acknowledge that this journal favors the publication of research from English speaking countries.   V


Feb., 2015

Badly written manuscripts are frequently rejected.

The poor quality of the writing is cited as one of the most frequent reasons for rejecting a manuscript according to the journal Clin Experiment Ophthalmol.



Dec. 2009

Manuscripts that are difficult to read are routinely rejected.


According to Research in Medical Education, difficultly reading it is the fifth most common reason a manuscipt is rejected, .  


Sept. 2001

Your comments

     The work was well done.



— Dr. Manuel Cuenca, Director, Centro Nacional de Microbiología, Majadahonda, Spain

    Correct English is introduced during the editing process. It is practical and adapted to the needs of the researcher. The manuscript is ready within the time frame as promised.



— Dr. Luisa Botella,  Researcher

Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, Madrid, Spain

    Tahl (from JustPublish)

is always available and is a person with who you can easily exchange information, opinions, and ideas. This greatly facilitates the correction process.




The most attractive part of the editorial service is the constant communication and the corrections provided during the subsequent  struggle with the referees.

— Juan , PhD  Researcher, Madrid, Spain



— Dr. Isidoro Martinez, Researcher

Centro Nacional de Microbiologia, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain

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