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Proofreading, editing, and translation

of scientific texts.

All our editors, proofreaders, and translators are scientists who are native English speakers.

Tel: (415) 655-1716
The only thing that should be evaluated is the quality of your work.


This section contains infomation helpful to science and medical writers to help them write, edit, translate, and proofread their documents and manuscripts.

spanish english medical scientific translation manuscript


Online course about the design, writing, editing, and proofreading of scientific articles in English. 


You can access the free course "English Communication for Scientists"  here.




English Communication for Scientists is a brief guide on how to communicate more effectively in English, no matter how much previous experience you have. Although it was developed with non-native speakers of English in mind, it should prove useful for native speakers, too. Organized as six self-contained units, it will help you understand basic communication strategies and address various audiences. Created by seasoned communicators, English Communication for Scientists provides no-nonsense, directly applicable guidelines, illustrated with examples of written documents, oral presentations, and more. Improving your scientific communication is only a click away: start today!








Union Europea Database for Scientific terms


InterActive Terminology for Europe




This database contains the translation in many languages of many scientific terms and expression. It was compiled using the input of many translators working in European scientific institutions.


Online language dictionary with many expressions translated




The Linguee site is a combination fo a dictionary and a search engine that allows the user to search for words and expressions in billions of bilingual texts. 


Promt: Online Translation Tool 


Access the site here.


Galeon: Online Translating Tool 


Access the web page here.




Enter the text you would like to translate, choose the languages, and press "Translate". You can also enter the page you would like to translate in its entirety. The traslation will not be very elegant, pero it can serve to orient you.










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